The Artists at Commercial Square Studios rent their own individuaal spaces from the landlord on a monthly 'tenants at will' basis. Rents are worked out on the basis of square footage - we have a variety of studio spaces both large and small -  they are exclusive of business rates but inclusive of electric.

As the Studio Group has been running for some time we have all been involved in improving the environment and building the reputation of our group. Anyone joining the group benefits immensely from this past effort and would be expected to help with the running of the studios in some small way.

The waiting list is not a vertical one; we need a broad range of skills and disciplines and artists who are engaged with their practice of making good quality professional work. When studio spaces do come up we offer them to the people who will be able to use their studios regularly and will be willing to be involved with the running of the group.

If you are interested in joining our waiting list, then please complete go the Apply section on this website, print off and complete the form and either email or send in the post to the Commercial Square Studios (address on the top of the form).

Should a studio come available, we would invite people on the waiting list to come in and meet us, with a portfolio.

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